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Our company's mission is “to embody the kindness”.

Beginning with the production of assistive equipments for patients with intractable deseases, we have researched and developed carefiving, welfare and medical equipments with our technology, and have offered them to you.

Keeping the misson above, and cooperating with the people concerned,
we will continute to bo ″the company, serving society society with its technology".

We will greatly appreciate your further advices and custom.

Our company is basedon "onesty, Thanks and Effort," and all the members of our company are earnest and honest.

The reasons why I determined to found this company are that I was impressed by reading a book about crafts by disabled persons. and I kept
company with a patient with an intractable disease "ALS".

After the determination, I visited many factories all over Japan and learned how to make welfare equipments.

After the determination, I visited many factories all over Japan and lesrned how to make welfare equipments.
After that, researching and developing the equipments with advices and supports from patients and their relatives, doctors, nurses, public health nurses and other specialists, I could finally found this company with gradually increased fellows.

Now, as a specialty company of caregivin, welfare and medical equipment, we are proceeding forward with our work.

Our company thinks it important to:

 Listen to the needs of users and discover their new demands.

 Develop quality products from the viewpoints of users.

 Produce heartfelt products thinking of users.

 Offer the products to users as their close supporters.

 Offer the services to services to users as their encouraging fellows.

shuichi tokunaga

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